Laura Jourdan is a French polar adventurer and wildlife photographer. Educated as a biologist, she ended up on Svalbard - a remote archipelago in the Norwegian Arctic - by chance, in 2016. Taken by the polar virus, she stayed there for a year instead of the four days initially planned.


On Svalbard, her adventures followed one after the other : first hired in the spring of 2017 as a tourist guide in one of the northernmost coal mines in the world where she would go to work by snowmobile or plane, she worked as a deck hand on board expedition boats in the summer. After training as a professional guide and sailor, she then started to work as a guide on orcas and humpback whales safaris in northern Norway the next winter. In 2019, Laura was employed as a naturalist guide on board bigger polar expedition ships. Impressed at first by the luxury of the boats, which contrasted with the small cabin of the old Norwegian passenger ship in which she lived until then, she was far from suspecting the great adventures that were awaiting her : from Svalbard, she and her crew would lead breathtaking journeys to Greenland, the Canadian Far North, and even to Antarctica.

Moved by the beauty of the polar regions and the animals that inhabit them, Laura gradually self-trained in photography, which she considers to be the best way to share her fascination for them.

Today, Laura loves above all to continue to explore the poles, to discover and photograph animal species that she has not yet seen, and to share her passion for the polar regions. For that purpose, she offers conferences to companies, communities, schools and anyone interested in the polar regions, as well as her photographs for sale. Do not hesitate to contact her to book a conference with her, to buy her photographs or to suggest a project in accordance with her skills !