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Laura Jourdan is a French wildlife photo-journalist. Educated as a polar guide and biologist, Laura works on-board expedition ships and is a self-taught wildlife photographer. Laura works as a photo-journalist and writer for publications, as well as providing her services to companies who require underwater photography. 

Laura photographs everywhere in the world and writes in French and English according to her clients's request. She works on subjects similar to her favorite subjects, in standard or underwater photography, for magazines specialized in nature and wildlife such as National Geographic, GEO, Nature or Nature Conservancy Magazine.

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Keep up with Laura's latest Instagram posts of her underwater, marine, and polar region photo-journalist adventures. See more on her Instagram account: @laurajourdan_

Laura Jourdan Photography

About Laura

Educated as a biologist and a polar guide, Laura works as a nature guide on board expedition ships and is a self-taught wildlife photographer. Her photographs draw portraits of animals in their environment and invite the public to know them better in order to protect them better.


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